Email List Cleaner is a software tool that allows users to import their email lists then each email address will be filtered through up to 10 different rules to determine if its a real valid email address that is worth sending emails to.

Email list validation & cleaning maximizes the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns and protects your email sender reputation.

ListMail Jeet 1.0

List Mail Jeet is a unique app that you can use to email your lists using any pop mail account. It supports HTML mail, and multi-threading for mast mail sending.

List Cleaning Jeet 1.2

List Cleaning Jeet, an extremely powerful, yet extremely simple to use List cleaning software.

Email List Cleaner 1.0

Have a list of email addresses but it's too big to manually clean? This email list cleaner will remove all duplicates and all mal-formed email addresses leaving you with a cleaned list ready to go!

Email List Splitter 1.0

If you find yourself with a large list of email addresses and need to split them into smaller more managable files, NCRlistSplitter will do the job!