Lead Power Machine 1.0.6

27 December 2015

Here's the best way ever to find prospects... Sell them products they desperately want and need for $500 to $1K each, and... Automatically create the product with 5 mouse clicks. Check this out.

 Version : 1.0.6

OS : Windows/MAC

Price : $125

Homepage : SalesPage



  • With Lead Power Machine, I Can Determine Which Ones Have Websites and Mobile Websites, Instantly Create Mobile Websites and Apps, Instantly E-mail and Automatically Follow Up with Leads even with Video E-mail, and More ... All Faster, Easier, and More Effortless Than Ever Before!
  • Get Instantaneous Access to Tens, Hundreds or Even Thousands of Leads- Email All Your Leads with a Touch of a Button
  • No messing around with websites that don't convert or search engine optimization techniques that don't work
  • You get immediate access to REAL TIME generated leads that YOU CONTROL
  • No more paying for leads!
  • Identify hundreds even thousands of "targeted" motivated buyers easily and effortlessly, and you can even email them all with the click of a mouse
  • Be Able to run software runs practically on autopilot
  • Gain an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your competition in any area in the country or internationally!

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