FB Graph Beast 1.7

Facebook Graph search lets you use simple phrases to search for people, places and things that match specific characteristics. For example, you can search for friends of your friends in a new city you’ve moved to, look up photos by classmates from a specific time period, or see photos friends and others have shared with you from famous landmarks.

Bleu Page 1.4.327

Promote Products & Build Marketing Lists Directly Inside Your Facebook Fans Newsfeed! Increase your business by generating more fans, leads and sales from your Facebook pages using cutting-edge software technology! See it in action below ...

Social Lead Hunter 1.5

Gather a list of Super Targeted Users that were fairly active on social media and shareda lot of content and comments online within communities and dedicated websites .

Qilio 3.0.1 PRO

Build, Grow & Scale FB Fanpages without spending a dime or your time...THIS SOFTWARE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY Watch How We Manage Fan Page Communities,And Profit BIG, on Complete AUTOPILOT

Comment Maximiser 2.0.4

Automation Suite – Set It Up Once, And it’ll Run Hands-Free Forever! Want to get the greatest traffic on Fb… for free? People try to make Facebook marketing sound complicated, but strip away all the jargon and BS, it just comes down to engagement.

Commenter Pro 1.5

The Facebook Comments plug-in lets people comment on content on any regular web site using their Facebook account. If people wish to, they can share this activity to their friends and friends of friends in News Feed as well.

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