AA Whatsapp Tools 2018

Send Bulk Of Simple Text Massages - Send bulk of simple text messages for only 5 minutes. This is the solution for you if you want to send greetings.

WA Sender Pro v6 Full Version

Pastikan dirimu Menggunakan Alat Promosi Whatsapp Terbaik mulai sekarang juga! WhatsApp Marketing Jadi Gampang! WASenderPro Bukan Sekedar Pengirim Whatsapp Massal biasa.

Autland Suite v9.6

Over the last 10 years, Autland.Com has been creating robots for mass media on multiple online and social platforms. In 2018, with the material featured in Fantástico showing our softwares, on how the media can manipulate elections we opted for a clean, well-structured and massive advertisement where a single client can impact more than 25 million people in just one day. We will change the way you view the internet. Be part of the select group that transforms users into customers in a simple, efficient and fully automated way.

Whatsapp Validator

This software part of the simpel audiens bonus, this software can automatic filtering and validating bulk of phone number.

Send messages Automated with 3 SIMPLE STEPS: Load your list of customers, Customize a message, Select an Image And Execute the send. Automated Message This is the way to keep a customer list up-to-date,

AM Whatsapp Control 2.0

AM Whatsapp Control 2.0 is In AM Internet Controls Softwares that help you bulk send message to WhatsApp Fast and Save.

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