Skype Suite 1.0.36

11 February 2016

Skype Suite is a tool you need, there's no doubt about it. The question at hand is wether or not you want to take advantage of its potential to make your business grow. With SS your business will be better than without SS, no discussion. When do you wish to sell more, earn more, and have more free time? If your answer is "Right Now" then choose the plan that best fits your budget.

 Version : 1.0.36

OS : Windows

Price : $57

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Module 1 - Auto Reply:

  • SS offers you the possibility of becoming your virtual assistant. You can add key words and assign automatic responses for each of them. If this module is activated. When a contact sends you a message, SS checks if any of your pre-assigned keywords is included in the message. If SS detects a keyword, then it'll answer your contact using the default response for the keyword found. For example, if the keyword is “help” and the default response for that keyword was “For technical support please submit a ticket at our support desk in” This is a possible scenario:
  • Message sent by a user: Hello I need help
  • Message sent by Skype Suite: For technical support please submit a ticket at our support desk in
  • Thus, SS would converse with your user giving them precise instructions. If SS can't find a keyword, then it'll use the default response you've entered for this cases, which could be something like “This is a virtual assistant, at this time we are not available but we will contact you as soon as possible".

Module 2- Appointment Manager:

  • SS will schedule appointments at specific times for those contacts who message you while you're busy. You can select the interval time between one appointment and another. For example if Module 2 is activated when a user sends you a message, SS will reply by scheduling an appointment with the user.
  • If you've set a time interval of 30 minutes, and you received a message at 4:00PM, then SS will answer the user saying: "Hello we're currently assisting other customers, but we'll be with you at 4:30 PM". You can configure the answer SS will give when scheduling an appointment. If there's already a scheduled appointment for that time, SS will schedule another appointment 30 minutes after that one, so for example if another user messages you, then the answer will be: "Hello we're currently assisting other customers, but we'll be with you at 5:00PM”, which means that you'd have two scheduled appointments, one for 4:30 and another one for 5:00.
  • Thus, successively, SS will schedule and manage your appointments with any contact that tries to reach you via Skype. And that way you customer answers won't pile up, making it impossible for you to answer everyone.
  • You'll never get any angry customers because you didn't answer them, and you'll never have to deal with 10 customers at once. SS will organize your schedule so you can respond to each contact with as much attention as they deserve and thus your business will grow healthily and your relationship with your customers will improve every day. They will congratulate you for your excellent customer service, and will be willing to buy or purchase your products or services because they'll know you'll always be in Skype to help them.

Module 3 - Message Sender:

  • If like me you have thousands of Skype contacts, surely sending messages to each of them might seem impossible or very laborious. There are other programs in the internet that send bulk messages to all of your contacts, but after trying all of these programs, I can state that several of them are of very low quality, as they send all of the messages at the same time, which causes Skype to block the messages and many never arrive. SS sends messages within time intervals, which you can assign, giving them a natural flow so that Skype filters don't block your messages.
  • SS also gives you the ability to choose which contacts you want to send a message to and which you want to send bulk messages to. Thus you'll never bother users who don't want all that hassle, or you can send promotions just to contacts who will be interested in those promotions.

Module 4 - Scheduler:

  • This scheduler will help you plan your Skype working and rest times automatically. You can program the time at which you want to change your Skype status. For example, if you usually start working at 10:00 a.m., you can program SS so that your status switches to ONLINE at that specific time. If your lunch break is usually at 1:00PM, then you can program SS so it switches your status to AWAY at that time, if you get back to work at 2:00PM, you can again program SS to switch your status back to ONLINe at that time. If you finish work at 5:00PM, you can program SS to change your status to OFFLINE. That way, your work schedule will be well organized and your contacts or clients will know which are your working hours so they don't disturb you after hours.
  • I developed this module with my experience in mind, because I often had clients who'd get upset because they'd think I didn't want to answer them. This was because, as my computer is always on, I would often forget to change my status to AWAY or OFFLINE, and so I was always ONLINE even if I wasn't even in my office. At my return I would find messages from angry customers, demanding me to return their money or even offending me.
  • With the scheduler module you'll never get angry customers, and you'll also be able to educate them in getting to know and respect your service hours.

Module 5 - Contact Classifier:

  • This module provides you with the opportunity of classifying your contact in priority groups. For example, you can create a group within SS called “friends” and give this group a low priority, and then create one called “clients” and give it a high priority. If a contact from your high priority group sends you a message, SS will warn you with an alarm, which you can select. Meanwhile if you get a message from a low priority contact, then SS won't sound the alarm. Skype usually warns you with an alarm whenever any contact messages you, but SS will only warn you when a high priority contact messages you.
  • Thus, you won't be bothered with alarms concerning messages from contacts that aren't that important.

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