Whatsapp Validator

25 February 2018

This software part of the simpel audiens bonus, this software can automatic filtering and validating bulk of phone number.

You can combine all scraped result whatsapp contact from Simpel Audiens software to this software (Whatsapp Validator). You need to watch complete tutorial (included) and follow any step with carefully to get this software working good.

 Version : v1.0

OS : Windows

Price : $175

Homepage : SalesPage

Whatsapp Validator is software for filtering phone numbers using Whatsapp.
so it will facilitate and shorten your time in choosing the number – the number you will make promotional targets through whatsapp.

Imagine how much time you wasted? just to input data number that turns out when will you do promotion is not active in whatsapp? Therefore always use Whatsapp Validator.

We already tested on our machine, and not found any issue.

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Password: seo4king

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