Whatsapp Validator

This software part of the simpel audiens bonus, this software can automatic filtering and validating bulk of phone number.

Send messages Automated with 3 SIMPLE STEPS: Load your list of customers, Customize a message, Select an Image And Execute the send. Automated Message This is the way to keep a customer list up-to-date,

AM Whatsapp Control 2.0

AM Whatsapp Control 2.0 is In AM Internet Controls Softwares that help you bulk send message to WhatsApp Fast and Save.

TWhatsApp Group 2016 1.0

Would not you simply import a list, with any number of mobile phones and send your image, audio or videos to all of them? And they all receive the WhatsApp? PROGRAM VERSION IS USED TO GROUPS SEND WhatsApp CUSTOM FOR EVERY CUSTOMER

TWhatsapp Marketing 5.0

TWhatsapp Marketing - Mass and Unlimited Sender 2016 WHATSAPP MASS AND UNLIMITED WITHOUT USING CHANNELS Understand how we send messages without limits for Whatsapp List of 200,000 (two hundred thousand) FREE entries

WappBulk Filter

It can filter million of numbers in few minutes and show you active/inactive users list. This app can find active WhatsApp numbers and last a connect to WhatsApp (inbuild function of LastSeen).

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