05 February 2017

So what is the GVR Method? The GVR Method stands for the Guaranteed Video Ranking Method. This method requires nothing more than your computer (and brain).

With the GVR Method you will simply find out what keywords are popular and in demand, then you’ll determine what keywords you want to rank for based on what’s in demand and popular, then simply ASK Google if they will show a video for your keywords.

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OS : Windows

Price : $57

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The whole process (once familiar with it) takes 15-20 minutes.. . Then wait 24 hours for your answer. Once you know your keywords (usually dozens) rank, you simply create your own valuable videos using keywords you already know Google will show your video for… and generate more leads and sales!

Simple Step:

1. Determine Niche – Pick your specific area of focus within a niche.
2. Example Niche – Dogs: What kind of dog breed/service/etc.
3. Find in demand keywords in your niche (ASK GOOGLE) to create titles and find seed keywords (main keywords) + Geographic Locations (optional)
4. ASK GOOGLE and wait 24-48 hours for rankings .Use existing videos (already on Youtube) to see if your chosen keywords will rank .

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