Statamic v1.9.2

30 April 2015

Statamic is a flat-file CMS built on PHP 5.3, making your sites 100% version controllable. Extend to your heart's content with a robust API.

 Version : v1.9.2

Price : $199

Homepage : SalesPage


  • Flexible Taxonomies: Make no mistake. Statamic is anything but static. Relate your content with practically anything.
  • Full Version Control: Everything, from content to config, can be version controlled. Hello there, peace of mind. How've you been?
  • Easily Themable: Creating a theme is as easy as zipping up your assets. Design and build it your way, every time.
  • Powerful Search: Powerful and highly customizable search is made available by our 1st party add-on Bloodhound.
  • Form Builder: Build forms how you've always imagined, complete with automatic validation & emails. Check out Raven!
  • Mapping Made Easy: Craft maps with markers, tooltips, and more with robust tools built right into the core.
  • Members and Groups: From simple site users to full admins, Statamic lets you set up permissions and control any way you like.
  • Runs Anywhere: With PHP 5.3 as the only requirement, Statamic can power websites on almost any web server, anywhere.
  • Endlessly Extendable: Statamic has a robust API and library of hooks available to developers. Make Statamic your own.

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