Facebook Interests Pro v2.0

27 May 2017

Uncover thousands of hidden & High-Converting Facebook interests you would have never thought existed!

Use the Wisdom of Crowds to predict the most Profitable Interests and Keywords.

 Version :v2.0

OS : Windows

Price : $44

Homepage : SalesPage

Why and How to Use Interests Pro?

Graph search is a true Big Data play. The Palo Alto engineers’ challenge has been to take epic amounts of the data we share daily and ‘map’ it in a way that allows the user to search the platform using logical phrases and retrieve useful results in return.

Interests Pro mission is to organize and export these insights and make them accessible and useful for profesional marketers


What type of Interests you can get with Interests Pro ?

  • Groups about location/interest/brand/person
  • Groups of people who like brand/person/interest
  • Groups liked by people who like brand/person/interest/location
  • Groups liked by people who live in location
  • Groups of people who like topic and brand/interest
  • Pages about location/interest/brand/person
  • Pages liked by gender who like brand/gender/interest/person
  • Pages liked by gender over the age of number
  • Pages liked by people who live in location
  • Favourite interests of people who like brand/gender
  • Music liked by person/page/brand who also likes brand/interest
  • Movies liked bybrand who also likes interest
  • Games played by people who like brand/interest/location
  • Apps used by people who like brand/person/interest/location
  • Place of interest visited by people/profession who like brand
  • There is no other Software as Powerful and Flexible as Interests Pro
  • Any Marketer can use this in his business to make a huge impact.

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