Viking Facebook Tools 2018

10 January 2019

VIKING FACEBOOK TOOL – The tool does not save any user data, meeting regulations on customer privacy protection. Tool users are not supposed to spam with this tool.

 Version : 2018

OS : Windows

Price : $85

Homepage : SalesPage


  • Auto Reply Message on Page
    Are you wondering how to respond to the clients, who have sent their messages to your Page’s inboxes? This is an outstanding function that helps you to timely and numerously send your feedback and promotion message to those clients.
  • Convert UID to Phone & Email
    Converting UID of the Group into contact numbers and email: if you are trying to figure out a way to obtain the clients’ data to set up a Facebook advertising program or to do other marketing (such as sending marketing emails, offering goods/service via phone calls, etc.), this is the best way for you. In addition, you can add more UID from other files to convert the UID into contact numbers and emails.
  • UID Comment to Data
    Scan emails and contact numbers of the Facebook users, who post their comments onto the post: even if these users do not comment their contact numbers or emails, you can obtain these data from their Facebook accounts by this functions still.
  • Scan Email & Phone on Post of Page & Group
    You have a URL containing a lot of emails and contact number but don’t know how to extract these data? You dream of a tool that helps you to search the Facebook’s posts showing exactly your desired keywords then extracting the emails and contact numbers therefrom?
  • Scan Post ID
    A tool for you to studying your rivals by searching all posts and pages by keywords in form of UID and automatically arranging them on the basis of the number of “likes”.
  • UID Like to Data
    You can absolutely obtain the contact numbers and emails of the Facebook users, who like a random post. This is a great feature of this tool that you can experience with Viking Software only!
  • Auto Comment
    Auto Comment: enabling you to automatically post comments onto any Fanpage’s posts that help you to promote your brand name and advertising campaign to other Pages without being marked as spams.

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