TPost Profiles 2016 1.0

27 November 2016

The TPost Profile, AUTOMATICALLY put in all PROFILES all your friends, several times a day, so your post appears on the profile of all the people who are on your Facebook.

Each post is seen by his friend and to all his friends, that is, everything is extremely multiplied when the posting is made directly to your friend's profile.

 Version : 1.0

OS : Windows

Price : $57

Homepage : SalesPage


  • Place your advertising directly on PROFILE of your friends
  • appears inside his profile, posted by you
  • 100% view
  • Very but very fast even
  • works alone and automatically put
  • No submissions limits
  • totally free support

There are ways to make media on Facebook that are really effective and impressive one of them is going into each profile, each friend of yours, which can be up to 5000! And post DAILY in all these profiles, or if possible SEVERAL TIMES during the day however do this manually is practically impossible to imagine the time to do this? Since you can have up to 5000 friends, EACH PROFILE is virtually impossible. Now consider that POSTING EVERY what you do, is seen by ALL the friends of your friends. Imgine if you have 500 friends, and each has over 500 then your post will be seen by over 2.5 MILLION

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