Facebook Multi Messenger 2016 2.0

27 November 2016

Facebook Multi Messenger (Facebook Messages). 2016 - Mass Message Inbox To Facebook UID List SEND UNLIMITED MESSAGES TO ANY FACEBOOK.

Opt for a program that works for you and is better than Posts. There is nothing like the market enjoy our news to send MESSAGES CHAT automatically to Facebook, see how it works.

 Version : 2.0

OS : Windows

Price : $57

Homepage : SalesPage


  • Put your advertisement in chat
  • Send like a chat
  • displayed 100%
  • Much better than posts
  • Much better than tanned
  • No submissions limits
  • totally free support

Our program has the ability to send messages to the Facebook chat without limits and without blocking. You do not need to be friends with anyone - You do not enjoy any FanPage - You do not need to follow anyone - You do not need to join any group.

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Password: seo4king

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