Facebook Sharer 5 PRO - AutoShare App

11 January 2018

It is the most easy accessible way to share your videos, audios, business plans and strategies with your groups. Communicate with your groups and make business schedules. Provides you autoresponder, feedback and email facilities. Each and every person earn more money in less time. Set your new and previous campaigns with the help of this software.

Software like this will really be helpful to maximize your business plans

 Version :5

OS : Windows

Price : $49

Homepage : SalesPage

Facebook Sharer PRO is the best solution if you are looking to:

  • Publish updates, links to your offers, photos or videos on your Facebook profile wall
  • Automatically update your fan page news feed using your page name (post as fan page feature)
  • Schedule your Facebook posts with links, videos, animated GIFs or images in open, closed or private groups
  • Bump your previous posts by adding new comments to your last post
  • Automatically comment other user's posts on fan pages and in groups you are member of
  • Post as guest or comment the last post on Facebook fan pages that you do not admin
  • Post your ads using different Facebook accounts

Download information for guests:


Password: seo4king

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