Vid Attack Alpha

04 June 2017

Vid Attack Alpha – Advanced Built In SEO Strategies For Video Marketers. Point & Click Your Way To Higher Rankings, Easy To Use For Simple Fast Campaigns!

 Version :v1.0

OS : Windows

Price : $97

Homepage : SalesPage

How This Software Helps Marketers Achieve Video & Blog Rankings Effectively:

  • Searches For Your Video On Google Search Results & Views Video For High Retention Video Views & Improved Click Through Rates!
    By searching for your video in Google rankings and clicking through and watching the video using Vid Attack Alpha we are increasing three of the most important ranking factors for video in 2016. Click through rate, relevance to your keywords & retention views for faster and long term rankings.
  • Will Browse Your Blog Posts To Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Click Through Rate!
    Improving visitors time on your site is also a major ranking factor by reducing bounce rate.
  • Vid Attack Alpha helps with that by finsing your blog post or any url on google search, increasing click through rate, while browsing your blog posts as well as watching YouTube videos in the post too for referal views
  • Advanced YouTube RSS Strategy To Bolster Your Rankings Plus Syndicates Video To 14 Social Websites!
    An advanced RSS SEO strategy thats made push button simple. Coupled with social website syndication this increases backlinks to your videos, while increasing your video embeds for better rankings!
    We have even built in a web 2.0 account creator to help you create hundreds of accounts to post to in minutes!

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