Simple Click Tracker v2.5

17 June 2016

What Is Simple Click Tracker All About? Simple click tracker as you might already guessed is a click tracking and cloaking system for WordPress.

So it’s a plugin which you’re going to install on your WordPress site. I hear you. You might say, oh no not another link cloaker and tracker plugin. Bear with me, this isn’t just a simple link cloaker and click tracker plugin like its name. This is really a complete link tracker and cloaker system which does much more than just cloaking and tracking a link.

 Version : v2.5

Price : $167

Homepage : SalesPage

What Are The Key Features?

As mentioned above, this does more than just cloaking and tracking a link. Below are some of the key features listed what it does:

  • track link stats
  • rotate links
  • cloak links
  • track conversions
  • manage multiple domains
  • create groups of links for easy organization
  • manage split tests easily
  • create, track and measure complete funnel conversions
  • drill into traffic stats by date, domain, group and link
  • edit, manage and create 404 links
  • edit and manage dead redirect links
  • add multiple users (think clients!) to manage domains
  • use this as WordPress plugin or on a WordPress page

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Password: seo4king

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