Simple Video Management System v4.8

20 May 2017

After trying to use many of the high-priced video plugins and David Perdew decided it was time he built his own simple video player that does a couple of things really well – and only those things,

like playing videos in any browser, user friendly, organizing videos logically, adding HTML/buy buttons, revealing buy now buttons, autoplay options, redirecting to any page you want when the video is finished, and more!

 Version : v4.8

Price : $97

Homepage : SalesPage

This is a 100% original, made-from-scratch tool created by David’s team at NAMS! This is more than just a plugin. It is a game changing video player and video manager for any website whether it is WordPress or not.

Currently NAMS has 1,600+ videos on their site using this plugin revealing videos just as easily from Youtube or S3. After years of testing and hundreds of customers using this tool, we are blowing this powerful tool out for an amazing price on the front end! Your customers are going to absolutely love it! It is a truly high value product that you can be proud to promote, and that your customers will benefit from greatly.

Post Your First Video In Only About 80 Seconds Following Just 4 Extremely Simple Steps!

1. Insert Link To Video
You simply copy/paste the link to your video which could be hosted on YouTube, Amazon S3, another cloud storage provider, or your own web hosting account. Takes all of 10 seconds tops for this step.

2. Add Your Video Title
Add the title of the video into the system so you can easily reference the video later. This title only shows to you in the backend of the plugin which is great for your own cataloging purposes. This step takes 10 seconds tops!

3. Choose your special enhancements.
Decide what special enhancements you want to use with your video to maximize the engagement, conversion, and desired results for your video content. These enhancements include choosing the video size, how you want the video aligned on your website, whether you want the video to auto play or not, do you want to hide the controls on your video, do you want to loop the video, do you want to show HTML code for a buy now button, optin form, or call to action, and what link do you want to redirect people to after the video ends! You can choose any of these options that fits your particular needs for that video or none of them, but no matter what your video will display clean on mobile devices and big monitors across all main stream browsers! This part should take no more than 30 seconds to complete!

4. Post On Your Website
This is simple copying and pasting the shortcode or embed code that Simple Video Management System provides for your website. This time can range anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

5. Rest Easy (Optional Step)
You can rest easy and relax knowing your video will display in all browsers, will display on mobile devices, and all the videos are organized beautifully in one location! No more worrying about lost revenue and leads because your videos do not play properly.

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