UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu v3.2.0.1 + Extensions

12 August 2015

UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu v3.2.0.1 + Extensions - These have all been downloaded straight from CodeCanyon., These are all the latest versions … whatever was on CC yesterday, No changes at all to the code, Password is the usual forum password, Please create mirrors. Post reminders here if the plugins get updated, and you want me to get new versions

 Version : v3.2.0.1

Price : $20

Homepage : SalesPage


  • Visually pick your icon for each menu item
  • Improve user navigation experience with visual cues
  • Position icons above or to the left of the item text
  • Icon-only items (Disable item text completely)
  • Easily change icon hover color
  • Icons are super crisp on retina displays

Download information for guests:


Password: seo4king

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