Ping Automatic 2.0

14 September 2015

Ping Automatic 2.0 – Mass Auto-Pinger Tool Gets 379% More Link-Juice – Powerful Auto Ping Tool – Auto-Pinger WordPress Plugin

 Version : 2.0

Price : $37

Homepage : SalesPage


The 100% Automated Server-Based Ping Software
You see… only a few short years ago, I was where you likely are now. I
was setting up sites – working long hours and researching every
possible approach I could use to outrank my competitors on Google. At
the same time I was slaving away building thousands of backlinks, but to
no avail.


Yes, I did everything right and according to my calculations, the
majority of my sites should have been dominating their keywords, but
they weren’t. I realized that despite having quality content on my sites
and building a ton of powerful backlinks to them, Google did not give
me credit for all the backlinks I had built.

I don’t know about you, but this drove me crazy. I needed to find a way
to get the search engines to recognize ALL of my backlinks. Backlink
building is hard work and can get expensive if you outsource the tasks,
so the less backlinks I could get away with, the better.

I realized that my solution would be a tool that could help me leverage the hard work I was already doing (and had been doing).

After many hours of research and a ton of exhaustive testing, I
concluded that I needed to create a tool myself because none of the
software available online did exactly what I needed it to do AND worse
yet, none of them were within a price-range I was comfortable with. This
is when I finally had Ping Automatic created.

The software worked like a dream the first time I tried it on my sites. In fact it worked so well that I almost felt like I had an unfair advantage over my competition. But then, why shouldn’t I? And why shouldn’t you?

As good as Ping Automatic was, my programmer and I continued tweaking
it. We made the script run even smoother and made it a ton more user
friendly. We also continued to add bells and whistles to it and before
long, we ran out of things to tweak. It became the PERFECT automated server based mass ping software.

Ping Automatic 2.0 is born…

The first time I put this sales page up, I sold a few hundred copies of PingAutomatic
in a matter of days. People were going crazy over it – right left and
center. They loved the software and to this day brag about the original
version that I released back then and that was for a reason: the
software worked like a charm.

Testimonials started coming in, and I started panicking: I had not
expected to sell that many copies. I did not want it to become popular
among Search Engine Optimization Specialists but it was too late.

I ended up taking the “buy now” button down for a while. I figured the
software needed more testing still but testimonials and case-studies
kept coming in so I quickly concluded that it was indeed a SOLID piece
of software. Everyone was seeing similar results as I had seen. What
more was I looking for?

It was then that I decided to come out with the PingAutomatic WP plugin. It does the exact same thing as the original stand-alone Ping Automatic software, except it comes in the format of a WordPress plugin.

You install it just like you install any other WordPress plugin and once
installed, you can set up your campaigns – just like you used to be
able to in the original version.

Watch me explain the plugin under 2 minutes…

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