Pay With a Like v2.0.1.5

20 June 2016

Pay with a Like – Go viral by ‘charging’ a social share for content using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Pay with a Like lets your visitors exchange a Like, +1, Tweet or share for access to articles, videos, ebooks, coupons – pretty much anything you can dream up.

 Version :v2.0.1.5

Price : $49

Homepage : SalesPage

Pay with a Like Features:

  • Automated and manual excerpt selection
  • Display customized content description
  • Vertical, horizontal, and ‘no count’ buttons
  • Require users to share content for access
  • Social network integrations
  • Protect specific content

Social Share Wall
It’s like a paywall, except you get users to share your website instead of asking for cash.
Create a social media buzz that increases sales, builds your client base and boosts search engine rankings. Reward users that share your site.

A Creative Marketing Solution
Pay with a Like even covers custom post types for creative flexible marketing.
Give fans a free music download when they promote your tour schedule or embed a coupon on a MarketPress product page that reveals when the product is shared.

Integrate with Any Site
Works beautifully with any theme and provides a guide for custom CSS to create a perfect fit. Toggle share buttons, pick the best  layout, arrange the order and set a container width that makes your like buttons pop.

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