WP Reactions v1.0.0

12 March 2018

WP Reactions – Real-time emotion/mood rating plugin. This simple and high utility plugin is a real-time emotion/mood rating plugin which allows visitors to share their reactions on posts though all kinds of smilie icons that express sadness, happiness, anger, surprise and other various reactions.

 Version :v1.0.0

Price : $47

Homepage : SalesPage


  • It boosts viewers’ engagement with your post.
  • It allows viewers to share their reactions to every individual post through smilie icons just like FB.
  • It is an open source software which shows the reactions where you want.


  • It has multiple rating criteria example good, sad lol etc.
  • It engages content online and drives organic traffic.
  • It allows users to post reactions through smilie without having to drop comments.

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Password: seo4king

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